Ajna is gifted at deep listening, beyond words,
to recognize and validate what her client’s heart and spirit are aching to express.
Ajna specializes in guiding folks struggling with boundaries and direction
towards cultivating grounded self-confidence, creative power, and trust in their unique path.
Ajna guides clients in shedding what no longer serves them, rebalancing their energy,
and getting them on track to the next steps in their life purpose.



90 min intuitive healing Session ($80*)

Intuitive Healing sessions allow us to co-create a unique container for you to be witnessed and held while you share what’s going on in your life. We will work together to illuminate the threads between your inner world and outer world to provide clarity on how you have gotten where you are and then step into a commitment to holistic growth moving forward.

This may involve energy work, communicating with supporting guides, pulling oracle cards, guided visualization/journeying, and other supportive channeling tools.

This session is intended as part of ongoing work together to find, maintain, and deepen spiritual well-being.

120 min Astrological Oracle Reading ($120)

The intention of an Astrological Oracle reading is to leave the session with a better spiritual understanding of your natal chart and the tools and confidence to take your next steps in embodying your fullest self.

Using your natal chart as a grounding reference, we will choose from an array of tarot-inspired, oracle-card spreads to tap into what cosmic guidance is available to support your growth and the actualization of your hopes and dreams.

This session can be booked regularly, but is well-suited for one-time or occasional work, especially in the time surrounding birthdays, the new year, big life changes, or other junctions when a broad life-overview would be helpful.

*As a working apprentice, Ajna’s Intuitive Healing Session prices are temporarily set a lower-rate to honor where she is still learning and to help make the work of the Balanzu Way more accessible. Consequently, every practitioner of the Balanzu Way offers a sliding scale for low-income individuals, and will generally slide $20 down per session. Ajna offers sliding scale prices for marginalized folks, prioritizing QTBIPOC. If you’d like to access the scale, please talk to Ajna about it in your consultation call or before your appointment. If you have extra financial resources and would like to make this work more accessible to those who don’t, talk to Ajna about paying a higher rate to sponsor other clients.