About Ajna


From a young age, through
growth, traumas, and life challenges,
Ajna has been studying esoteric knowledge
and practicing astrological divination.
Having applied it to her own healing
for as long as she can remember,
Ajna is uniquely tuned to weaving occult
wisdom into her client sessions in a practical way.



Ajna is a queer, genderfluid healing artist (she/her pronouns) living in Portland, Oregon (Chinook/Multnomah territory). Ajna has primarily Ukrainian ancestry alongside mixed European heritage. She grew up in Santa Cruz, California (Awaswas/Ohlone territory), where the Pacific Ocean and Redwood forests were among some of her greatest teachers.

Ajna has lived in Oregon since 2013, playing in the lush greenery, working on self-discovery and self-care, making açaí bowls, building spiritual community, questioning systems of power, practicing ethical non-monogamy, and exploring tools for accountability and consent.


Ajna is a Fifth Gateway practitioner of the Balanzu Way healing tradition in Portland, Oregon, studying under her teacher Jai Medina. Ajna graduated from Lewis & Clark College in 2017 with a degree in Rhetoric & Media Studies and a minor in Environmental Studies, focusing her research and writing on decolonizing science and spirituality.

In her art, Ajna works through many media— writing and poetry, drawing and lettering, digital and 3D collage, space-making, relationship-building, and intuitive healing. She considers them all forms of channeling.