My skills and interests tend to attract clients who fit into one or more of these categories . . .

  • Would self-identify as a student of life, open to learning and growing from each twist and turn of the human experience

  • Is going through a spiritual awakening or new growth cycle and wanting a safer space to explore the synchronicities, ‘downloads’, and exciting but sometimes overwhelming experiences that can accompany major shifts in consciousness such as

    • Anxiety

    • Shifts in gender identity, sexuality, and/or sexual identity

    • Past life issues

    • Psychic/intuitive development

    • Powerful dreams

  • Is struggling with being assertive and is feeling burnt-out by over-giving, leading them to seek tools for grounded self-confidence, setting boundaries, and protecting and clearing oneself energetically

  • Is interested in astrology (whether a total beginner or a well-seasoned practitioner) and wants to play with deepening understanding of how their chart and cosmic influences may offer guidance on their spiritual path  

  • Is overwhelmed by living in the information age, addicted to social media, or generally seeking to engage with the digital realm in a more mindful way

  • Is curious about and/or practicing some form of non-monogamy (polyamory, open-relating, relationship anarchy. . .) and looking for a space to process the unique issues that arise in these subversive dynamics

  • Is an artist or creative looking to overcome blocks and stagnation in their process, healing wounds to begin creating from a more clear place


Artist Unknown — please inform me if you have a source to credit

Artist Unknown — please inform me if you have a source to credit